About Spinoco

Helping you find your way in the world of communication!

Spinoco Czech Republic, a.s. is a modern, dynamic and innovative company. We create and integrate modern and unconventional telecommunication solutions, to ensure secure and effective communication on a most optimized platform. We look for original solutions using advanced technologies and a novel approach.

Our Mission

We want to provide our clients with solutions that meet and exceed all their communication needs - both internal and customer-oriented. We combine individual communication elements in a single, comprehensive, user-friendly and affordable package.

Our Vision

Our Flagship

The Spinoco Application is a B2B solution for perfecting the quality of communication with clients. It is a software tool integrated into companies’ own telecommunication structure, allowing effective sharing of information between members of the team, enabling professionalized communication with clients. It is suitable for firms in need of safe and effective communication, permitting them to save both time and money.

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